upgrade to 15.10.3

An upgrade of to 15.10.3 is currently running. It requires some migration, so it might be down for a few hours.

The migration is done, and you can now enjoy running the Distribution Wizard on your wiki.


@tmortagne thanks both for the update and the infos here in the forum👍.

The Wizard is running since yesterday evening on extension “XWiki Standard Common Application 15.10.3” update.
I have already noticed this strange behavior on previous update.

Can you have a look and explain what’s going on?

PS: my wiki is

It does not seem to be the case anymore, but XWiki Standard Common Application is still 15.10.1. You might have hit a restart in the middle of the upgrade of the extension and the client side stayed stuck.

By the way, is it on purposed that XWiki Standard Flavor for sub-wikis has been uninstalled on your wiki ? That means you don’t have any flavor from Extension Manager point of view.

Thanks for your reply.

  1. The update of “XWiki Standard Common Application" to 15.10.3 is still in progress according to this admin page (it looks like it is stucked because there is “no events” displayed under the logs tab), see screen shot …

  2. Yes there is no Flavor on my wiki (created before flavors even exist) … I must confess that it’s working fine without it … so I did look at what flavors are :grin:.

Point 1. Update
Solved :heavy_check_mark: after several update retries:

I still do not understand why update fails with the Wizard and takes so loooooong when triggered from the extension admin menu?

Point 2. Flavor
I’m interested in some short explanations of Flavor advantages (I will look deeper at Xwiki documentation if needed).

The Wizard job (among other things) is to check the main flavor and suggest an upgrade if the currently installed one is invalid, but you don’t have any flavor installed right now as far I as I can see.

@tmortagne thanks for your answers … we may talk about the “crash or pause” of the Update Wizard on next XWiki update.