upgraded to 11.9

Hi everyone, has been upgraded to XWiki 11.9. If you own a wiki hosted there you should have a look at the release notes for this version at:

You should automatically get an upgrade wizard for your wiki when you login as admin.
For more details see the upgrade guide available at :

To be notified of the server upgrade you can follow myxwiki on twitter:

-XWiki Community

Thanks for the (code) update and for the info.

It seems there are performances issues on myxwki … for instance I can not run the extension manager nor perform a search on

Thanks for your help, speed is often not great right after an upgrade before of all the subwiki being upgraded at the same time.

Search works fine for me on for example.

You seems to have several extensions installs started and blocked waiting for to finish (which itself is waiting for you to answer a question).

@tmortagne thanks for your quick answer.

How can I “unblock” the extensions installs? I have no prompt when I go back in the admin of the Wiki and extension update check do not return any info either ;-(.

Other question linked to this update:

  • how can I can cancel an etension install ? (for Active Directory Application extension)
  • why “install logs” of extension do not display any date/time info at the beginning of each line ?

You do if you use the exact link I pasted in the previous message:

Don’t worry about this one you can’t install it so it will give you an error when calculating the install plan.

Because they did not actually started. What is lacking in the UI is a message telling you it’s waiting for another job to finish.

Ok thanks Thomas.

I was able to answer merge conflicts with the link you provide (after forcing Editing - because an “unkown user” was already editing the page which sounds weird: why this page is edited ? ; who is this unknow user ? and why is there no obvious way to access this update page? Thanks for the direct link!).

I hope upgrade is now ended and my wiki will work with the new version (upgrades are often a pain specialy because of missing programming Rights on some pages :joy: in myxwiki environment).

Thanks again for your help,