upgraded to 15.0

Hi everyone, has been upgraded to XWiki 15.0. If you own a wiki hosted there, you should have a look at the release notes for this version at:
Project Release Notes (

You should automatically get an upgrade wizard for your wiki when you login as admin.
For more details, see the upgrade guide available at :

To be notified of the server upgrade, you can follow myxwiki on Twitter:

-XWiki Community


Thanks for the upgrade to 15.0 on
Unfortunately I didin’t get an upgrade wizard when a first logged in as admin.
And rigth know I’m getting errors with velocity macros (on each page), and the extensions also throw some indexing errors. Probably due to the upgrade.

I wasn’t able to trigger the upgrade wizard manually. The provided link seems to be for having full acces to a XWiki server instance. Does it apply to

Any hints for manually triggering the upgrade wizard on myxwiki hosted wikis?

Many thanks in advance.

What is your wiki @joergh and which user are you accessing it with ?

Thanks for the fast response.
My wiki is:

And I’m accessing it with an admin user. (the username I signed up with).
Honestly I thought I would. But couldn’t find the user in an admin Group right now.
But I can do admin tasks with this user.
I will check this (I’m on the road right now).

Actually, the 15.0 flavor is installed on that wiki as far as I can see.

So maybe someone else executed the DW ?

That reminds me I should upgrade to 15.1, will most probably do that next Tuesday.

We are still in the phase for setting this wiki up. Two or three people working on in right now. I think they would have told me.
Anyway, I lock everybody out, except me. And wait for your upgrade to 15.1. and then for the upgrade wizard.


Thanks for the upgrade to 15.1. I went through the upgrade wizard. This went fine and resolved all my issues.