Navigation and children macro not working on 9.5.1


I have upgraded my Xwiki from 9.0 to 9.5.1 and since then the navigation seems broken. Children macro also displays nothing (but the pages are here), and export fails because it doesn’t see any page (even the current one).

During the distribution wizard, I got the error that flavor wasn’t compatible (since 9.0 was Xwiki entreprise and now in 9.5.1 it’s the standard if I understand correctly). But I don’t think this is related because I have the same issue with a fresh install.

I work in a custom Docker image with postgresql database so this can be either an issue on my docker image or an issue with postgresql or an issue with 9.5.x

Are you aware of a problem on 9.5.1 or should I look for logs ?


Nevermind … Though I had the issue both on the fresh install and my updated platform, after some time and/or a refresh, everything works again

Sorry for the false alarm

FYI I’ll be updating the official xwiki docker images to XWiki 9.5.1 later today.

Yes we’re not good with browser cache so you need to clear your cache ATM. In the future we’ll need to generate different URLs when the underlying JS/CSS change.

Thanks for the explaination, that explains that ! :slight_smile:

I’ll keep it in mind in the future .