Navigation Menu display as default for all User

Hello @all.
I have create a Menu like this post on Menu Extention:

Horizontal Menu

{{menu type="horizontal fixedWidth"}}
* [[image:icon:house Home>>Main.WebHome]]
* ----
* Applications
** [[image:icon:transmit Blog>>Blog.WebHome]]
** [[image:icon:application_view_tile Dashboard>>Dashboard.WebHome]]
** [[image:icon:group User Directory>>Main.UserDirectory]]
** ----
** [[Create>>AppWithinMinutes.WebHome]]
** [[Install>>XWiki.XWikiPreferences||queryString="editor=globaladmin&section=XWiki.AddExtensions"]]
* [[Documentation>>]]
** [[Syntax Help>>XWiki.XWikiSyntax||queryString="xpage=print"]]
** Take a Tour
*** [[Basic Features>>]]
*** [[Advanced Features>>]]

How can i make that visable for all User as defaut Menu?
Many thank’s

Hi. See

Check the visibility scopes.

Thank you vmassol,
the problem was Menu Display Location was set to Nowhere.
The Visibility Scope was already set to Global. Now it works.

Many thanks!