Navigation Panel Customization

I am still working on my migration from Confluence to XWiki (which is going very well), and I have a few questions about customizing the XWiki navigation panel so it behaves a bit more like Confluence. In particular, the Confluence navigation panel has the following features:

  • It allows each user to dynamically customize the panel width by dragging the edge of the panel.
  • It disables wrapping for page names in the navigation panel and truncates long names in the list in order to ensure that there was only one page per line in the page tree. (So “This is a really long page name” would get displayed as something like “This is a really lo…” in the panel.)
  • It always shows all child pages in a subtree without requiring the user to click a “Show More” link.

Is there a way to configure XWiki’s navigation panel so its behavior matches any/all of the items above?

After browsing the XWiki settings in both the general Panel and Navigation Panel configs, I was only able to find one setting which allowed me to globally adjust the panel width to Small/Medium/Large which is a far less flexible solution than I was hoping to find. I could not find any other configuration options for the other things in the above list. So any assistance/suggestions would be welcome here.

I like the idea of truncating page titles in the tree.

I don’t have an answer I’m just jumping in to follow. Though I imagine it might possibly be done with some custom CSS.