Navigation Panel is not visible for some users

// Xwiki 13.10.2
// LDAP-Authenticated

in one of the sub wikis the navigation panel is only visible for some users. I am fairly sure that this a access right problem.

I would like to ask what should I check to find the problem ?

I checked that all users are Members of XwikiAllGroup and that this group has display right on the subwiki the main wiki and the MainPage of the wiki.

What else should I check ?



You should also check access rights for these pages:

  • the panel page Panels.Navigation
  • the document tree rendering macro XWiki.DocumentTree
  • the document tree code XWiki.DocumentTreeMacros

Are they seeing the panel header (Navigation, with empty content) or is the panel completely missing?

I checked the access right with: https://xwiki./xwiki/wiki//view/Panels/Navigation. When I enter this into my browser I get an access denied error.
How can I give the user access rights the Navigation Panel ?

The Headline of the Navigation Panel is invisible too.