Navigation Panel is not visible for some users

// Xwiki 13.10.2
// LDAP-Authenticated

in one of the sub wikis the navigation panel is only visible for some users. I am fairly sure that this a access right problem.

I would like to ask what should I check to find the problem ?

I checked that all users are Members of XwikiAllGroup and that this group has display right on the subwiki the main wiki and the MainPage of the wiki.

What else should I check ?



You should also check access rights for these pages:

  • the panel page Panels.Navigation
  • the document tree rendering macro XWiki.DocumentTree
  • the document tree code XWiki.DocumentTreeMacros

Are they seeing the panel header (Navigation, with empty content) or is the panel completely missing?

I checked the access right with: https://xwiki./xwiki/wiki//view/Panels/Navigation. When I enter this into my browser I get an access denied error.
How can I give the user access rights the Navigation Panel ?

The Headline of the Navigation Panel is invisible too.

I had the same problem.
To solve this I had to grant read access to the global XwikiAllGroup in the Default-Theme:

Admin Wiki β†’ look and feel β†’ skin β†’ customize β†’ administer page β†’ users & rights β†’ rights page and children β†’ scope global β†’ check view for XWikiAllGroup


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Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately on of my admins has changed the owner of the sub wiki while trying to make things work. Now everything is messed up.
I am creating a new sub wiki and will move all the documents to the new sub wiki.

The administer page button is missing => I am unable to try your approach.

Of you have admin rights at the main wiki you can modify the owners of sub wikis. Also you can set the access rights for the global all group to all skins also from the main admin panel.

I am a bit afraid of killing the other sub wikis when working with access rights on the main wiki. We upgraded this Wiki over the years from Version 7.x to 13.10.2.

I don’t know if there is a monster sleeping in under the surface :wink:

But you don’t need to deal with the access rights, just change the owner of the subwiki (under admin β†’ wiki index).
If this does not work, it is easy to change it back.

!!! Super !!!
I Restored an older SNAPSHOT with the permission problem.
You were ABSOLUTLEY right !!!
Unfortunately, I don’t know how to reset the Solved marker to move it to your post.

I added your solution to our trouble shooting sub wiki.

Thanks !!