Navigation Panel not loading

Hi everyone,
I don’t know what is wrong with my wiki but the navigation tree isn’t loading for non admin users. I already changed the rights of the panel to make it visible to AllWikiUsers.
That’s what I’m getting:

Please help

You should open the browser’s developer tools (e.g. Right Click > Inspect) and select the Network tab then reload the page. Filter by DocumentTree and find out why the request fails. Check also the Console tab to see if there is any JavaScript error.

I assume you restricted some access right, including the XWiki page most probably. It’s not enough to have view right on the Panels.Navigation page. You also need to have view right on the wiki pages that hold the tree code: XWiki.DocumentTree and XWiki.DocumentTreeMacros. But these also depend on XWiki.SuggestSolrMacros for search / filtering.