Navigation Tree and Root Node ("Wiki Node")

The Xwiki navigation tree is helpful, yet it always seems to have the whole Wiki as it’s toplevel nodes and you have to expand the Wiki node to display the Wikis top-level pages.

I (currently) only use a single wiki in my xwiki installation, so this feels redundant and adds an unnecessary extra level to the navigation tree.

Is there any configuration option to turn off/hide the top-level node, such that the wikis’ top-level pages take this role?

Or am I using xwiki “the wrong way” and actually should create separate sub-wikis from everything which I currently created as top-level pages in the main wiki? This seems like some significant overhead in maintenance and administration to me, though, and I do not see the immediate benefits this would provide…

Where do you get / see the Wiki node? I have XWiki 10.10 and I don’t see the Wiki node in the Navigation Panel nor in the breadcrumb trees. Can you post a screenshot?

Whoops, sorry, my mistake. The Wiki node wasn’t visible, I simply created all new pages beneath the original root wiki page…

I now moved some pages from below it to top level and they show up next to the original root page just fine.

One related question however: If I want to rename (or move to a new location) the original root page, I get a warning that I am about to also rename some invisible pages belonging to Xwiki Extensions.

Can I still rename the original root page without danger, or will I damage my wiki instance this way?


Yes, the “Home” page has hidden child pages that provide various functions for XWiki. I don’t recommend moving or renaming standard / default pages. For one thing, it will make the upgrade harder. You can hide the “Home” page from the Navigation Panel if you want, see . Best is if you create new top level pages where you put your content (as you started to do).