Need access to make contribution to the org

I want to contribute to your org please give me access so that I can solve issues and contribute to open source of your org. I also want to take part in GSOC 2021 at XWiki.

link to my github is :

please help me, sir…

You’re not going to get any access, especially not by asking this way :wink:

Access is granted on meritocracy, not by asking. Also this is open source so you have access to everything already :wink:



GSOC is closed ATM but see for how we work.

thanks Sir

oh, very important: you need to work a bit and do some research before asking questions. You’re not starting well, everything I’ve told you is public and you could have found it within 5minutes of googling…

ok Sir, actually I am new to open source and don’t find any issues on your github repository and don’t know much about how to start .But I will take care of it in future.

thanks again