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I have a question. We migrated from 8.4.4 to 12.2 and now have some issues with how things work in

We have a section in our wiki applications where users (they have no admin rights) can create pages. So they do not get the terminal page option.

Since 12.2 every page in this area is created as a space in stead of a real page.

If a page should be a real space (with sub-pages) you include a livetable, so you get all the documents in this space(folder).

In the livetable you don’t get to see the spaces only the terminal pages. Since you can not create them as a user, you never see your document. A livetable by design does not show spaces.

In another part of our wiki I have a created a dropdown so you can select a document in this special user area. I filter out all the documents that are a space and have the name WebHome. There I also do not see the documents.

How can we solve this?

Should we give our users admin rights just on this special space and it children so they can create a terminal page?

Is there a way to give them the option of a terminal page without the admin rights?

Is there another way to check if a page is a real space (with children)?

The documentation is not clear and the way it works now is a bit contradicting with itself out of the box.

Could someone give us some pointers?

Kind regards

I think I solved it.

It seems that we experienced Loading...

Pages with a fully prefixed parent name.

We wrote a script to correct al parents and used the extraparam parent= to display the right pages.


newly created pages still can not be created as a terminal page.

Anybody a solution for:

Is there a way to give them the option of a terminal page without the admin rights?

Being proposed a terminal page option in the create page form is not based on the admin right, it only depends if your user is “advanced” or not in your profile.

Thank you.

I am still wrestling with this issue. Some pages show up in my lievtable, some not.

Basily I want to show the same information as the livetable ?viewer=children

How is this livetable created? With a JSON? If so where can i find the source code?


@vmassol I think I stumbled upon a bug?

I have a few documents in a space. They were given a name with multiple dots in the name.

The document is getting “WebHome” as a parent.

Renaming and resaving the document to a new title in the same space does not reset the parent to : Space.WebHom

Am i making a thinking error, or is this a bug? (R12.2)



The default page for showing livetable results is XWiki.LiveTableResults or one that was specified in options. You should see this in the place where the livetable is created. Check resultPage from for more details


Hi Oana-Lavina,

We solved it, by changing the query in the Livetable. Error was between chair and keyboard.


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