New contrib Application - Discussions Application

Following the Brainstorming about XWiki Discussions, I am currently writing the Discussions Design.

In summary, this application is a framework that will provide the APIs and macros to integrate discussions in different parts of the wiki.

Some example of usage of the discussions application:

  • In the ActivityPub Application to start and continue discussions from the Fediverse (this will be the fist use case)
  • To replace the comments
  • As a technical solution for the Forum application
  • To allow private discussions between wiki users.

For now, I propose to create a contrib project for the discussions application, and to define the minimal architecture.
Then, since this is a large application, I propose to make more specific proposals for the individual parts of the application.

Name: Discussions Application (application-discussions)
Jira identifier: XDISCUSSIONS


I just created the contrib project: GitHub - xwiki-contrib/application-discussions: Integrate discussions into various parts of a wiki. and the associated JIRA project: Discussions Application - JIRA