New Contrib extension - Extra XAR Entry types

Hi everyone,

I’m creating a new extension on XWiki Contrib : api-extra-xar-entry-types. Also adding a new JIRA project with key XXET (Xtra Xar Entry Types).

The goal of this API is to provide every possible XAR entry type combination, that will not be identified based on the type of entry, but based on the policy that the entry should have. For example, a page with the following parameters :

  • Upgrade type (upgrade strategy) : SKIP
  • Allow edit : true
  • Allow deletion false

… will be identitfied by the type edit-nodelete-skip.

This extension brings extra flexibility to developers in order to fine-tune the entry types that they want to use in their project. In a project, it is possible to have one wiki page that we don’t want to allow deletion, but can be edited and that will be overwritten upon upgrade. This behavior can be very specific, and to me, does not require to come up with a dedicated XAR entry type.