New contrib extension - LiveData Exporter Application

Hello all,

I’d like to propose the creation of a new contrib extension called LiveData Exporter Application, a bit similar to the Livetable Exporter Macro but for Live Data.

This extension will provide an export feature for Live Data, in a first version it will only be CSV and quite basic (properties with HTML content, for example, will simply be exported as HTML) but support for more formats and non-plaintext columns might be added in a future release. The extension uses the new JavaScript API of Live Data to directly hook into the menu of the Live Data and also provide a panel that lists export status and download links. Thus, the extension will require XWiki 14.4. The extension consists of an API module providing a REST API for the export and a UI module that provides the user interface.

Some more context can be found in a previous forum post about Live Data export.

Name of the application: application-livedata-exporter
Jira project id: LDEXP

I’ll need:


Sounds good, thanks!