New contrib extension - Paragraph Numbering Application

Hello all,

We are starting a new project for an extension allowing to automatically add numbers on paragraphs.
To give you an idea of the expected result, the rendering should look like this:

The design of this extension will be documented in Paragraph Numbering design page.

Name of the application: application-paragraph-numbering
Jira project id: PNAPP

We’ll need:


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I see you put:

Considered alternatives:

* Jodconverter + Libre Office 6+ + (Jodconvert filter)
* Jodconverter + Libre Office 7+ + (Jodconvert filter)
* Html exported from Microsoft Word

I’d also add controlling Jodconverter to ask for XHTML instead of HTML.

And you need to specify the version of MS Word too.

What is Jodconvert filter for? IMO you need to try without any. And if you need one, I’m not sure it would help since that should get executed after the HTML has been retrieved from LO (and thus if the data is not there already, you can’t add it).

The translations will be available on as soon as we introduce them during the development.