New contrib extension - Wiki Transformation

Hi everyone,

With @cdesableau and @ludovic, we’d like to create a new contrib extension, allowing to configure rendering transformation from XWiki itself.

The name of the extension should be application-wiki-transformation
The name of the JIRA project should be WKTRANSFO

FTR seems related to:

Question: why not provide a PR to fix this in platform?

Name ideas:

  • application-transformation-configuration
  • application-transformation-administration

@vmassol this is actually not the aim of the application. The goal here is to provide ways to quickly add new transformations within XWiki ; in a way that it a bit different from the current Transformation API (ie : be able to execute transformations only on certain documents, etc …).

To me this does not correspond to XWIKI-17808 and XWIKI-15100

Hi ;

The Wiki Transformation application has been released in version 1.0 ; check out its documentation here :

It comes with a pattern transformation by default, which allows to easily define a set of rules to match XDOM Blocks to transform.