New contrib repository request: App Entry Event Listener

Hello all,

I would like to contribute an API that would provide an abstract class to be used whenever a piece of code needs to use high-level events on pages that are application entries of a specific application: added, deleted, renamed, copied, etc.
Writing this using a raw event listener is a little complex because some events are higher level events while others are lower level events and such a listener would always need to do the same analysis and filtering of the event before handling it. This API would provide abstract superclasses to be used to manage such events easier, without worrying about the filtering or detection.


Hello again,

I created the repo here GitHub - xwiki-contrib/appentrylistener: API providing abstract superclasses allowing to easily write event listeners for application entries events. , but not all the rest (jira project).

I would need some help for the jira project also, please.