New here. examples of open xwiki site?

Hi, i’m looking to create an open wiki-like site. A bit like fandom, but with less ads. Are there examples of public xwiki-powered wikis? Or is xwiki really for intranet/enteprise ? Thank you very much for your answer!

Yes there are. See for example

Side note: it would be great if our users could help the project by registering their usage of XWiki, this helps promote XWiki! Thanks

I started Call for action: register your usage of XWiki for this.

thx, however many of the examples are not exactly wiki’s, but i guess the information on these sites is powered by an internal Wiki of that organisation?

I don’t understand what you mean. They’re all on XWiki!

Maybe you got deceived by XWiki’s ability to change the L&F? See

For example even is using XWiki (actually a very old version of it now ;)). You can view the page source and search for “xwiki” to check by yourself.

XWiki is very versatile and can be used for lots of use cases.