New pages created from a template are not available in the search



I’ve got a little problem with the search and hope someone can help me.

I use my XWIKI-Installation mainly as a recipe-database and a little knowledge base. For that purpose I created a new page, built the layout und added the text of the recipe. After that I made a template auf of this page.
Now I’ve got a problem. When I create a new page from that template it won’t appear in the search. It appears in the index and the tree at the correct place. Even the Tags don’t appear.
If I search for the page that I use as the template it appears instantly, also the Tags.

I also triggered an index-reorg, problem is still there.

What can I do to solve this?



Hi, maybe your template page is a hidden page and thus when a template is created from it, the new page is also hidden?



How can I check that? The pages are all listed in the navigation tree and in the page index.
Also I am able to find the original page with the search, only other pages that are created from the template don’t show up.



Then it’s probably not an issue with “hidden” (BTW to check for hidden, see

I don’t have any other idea. Could be a permission issue but then you woudn’t be able to create the pages either :wink:

Maybe check the xwiki logs to see if you spot something weird there (maybe our solr thread has an issue to index the page for some reason).



@ankou87 did you change the localization settings from the wiki administration (e.g. default language, supported languages, multilingual, etc.)?



Yes, I’ve changed it to my native language.
Is there an extra configuration needed to get the search to work with other languages than english?



What is your native language? Maybe we’re missing a configuration in Solr for your language. You didn’t mention what version of XWiki you’re using, but for the latest version the Solr config supports these locales , look also for

<fieldType name="text_ 

Hope this helps,



My native language is german, which is mentioned as supported in the link you’ve posted.
In the footer I see version 11.6.1 but I don’t know if that is the version you mean, I’ve installed it via apt on debian 9 two months ago so I think the version should be very recent.



What did you select as Default / Supported Language in the Wiki Administration:

Deutsch (German)


Deutsch (Deutschland) (German (Germany))

Our Solr configuration supports only the first one, i.e. it supports only the de locale, not the de_* variants.



It was configured as “Deutsch (Deutschland)”.
Changed it now to this:

I triggered the index to reorg, this time it has really done something, I got an estimated time for the reorg to finish.
After the reorg I am still not able to find the pages, but I think it’s not far away from the solution.

Do I have to change something on the existing pages to get Solr to index them? I already edited a page but didn’t find a language option on that, maybe they still have the wrong one in the settings.



Yes. You need to activate temporarily “Multilingual” from the Localization administration section. After this you should see the “Default Language” field when editing a wiki page (using the WYSIWYG or the Wiki editor) in the Page Information panel on the top right. Change the default language to “de” (I assume). Do this for all existing pages. Then disable the Multilingual mode.

If you have a lot of existing pages to fix then you can do a batch update using this script .



That doesn’t work.
When I create a new page out of the template the language flag is “de” and it’s instantly searchable, so the problem itself is solved.
When I change the existing pages to that language flag they aren’t searchable, even if I trigger an index-reorg.
It’s also interesting that pages that were searchable at the beginning have no language flag and are still searchable, so for example the page from which I created the template for the new pages.