New translation component request on for Icon Macro


The translation component for the Icon Macro is missing, and I do not have the permission to create it.
Hence, I would like to request the creation of a component for it on

I created a Jira Issue for the task: XWIKI-22084: Icon Macro is not translated
Here are the translation sources:



it’s now available: XWiki Platform/xwiki-platform-icon-macro @ Weblate


Thank you.

By that way I recognized that I did not get emails a long time ago. My settings say that it should notify me if there are new elements to translate but it didn’t. (There were some new elements.)

@Simpel I confirm with my default setting there’s no notification, I haven’t checked the Weblate repo itself long ago (including the off doc). I can only advise you to manually check once a week or more frequently this page German @ Weblate where you can follow up on the untranslated lines.

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I realized that I haven’t received emails in a long time. According to my settings, I should get notifications about new elements to translate, but I didn’t receive any, even though there were some new elements. Where is the glitch?