New user: Multiselect Filter in Table?

Hi everyone - Can anyone assist with adding multi-select filtering to a Wiki table? Is there an easy macro or piece of code that I can layer in that would allow users to filter on multiple items in a column?




Do you mean using an AND operation in a filter in a column?

If so you may be interested in the new Live Data component:

Note that it is still a bit experimental at this stage.


Have you tried type: 'multilist'? See

multilist since 8.2M2 (allows the user to filter on multiple values of a list)

[later edit] I just noticed you’re not using a live table, so adding a (multiselect) filter to a plain wiki table means custom code.

Hi - I really appreciate the assistance. I just looked into using LiveTable and I’m not sure I have the expertise to implement it in my Wiki. Please let me know if there are any templates or macros that you know of that would make this easier. Thanks again!

It depends on where you plan to take your data from, to fill the live table. If you plan to store the data in your wiki then you should start with that explains how to store structured data in XWiki and how to get a live table that displays it.