New wiki request for non profit - VVMN

  • description: This wiki is intended to be the knowledge base for a non-profit gliding club in France. It will host technical data and information relative to the safety of flight, as well as some day-to-day info towards members, in the form of small articles with pictures, sometimes linked documents (no CPU or ressource intensive integration). Target audience is around 20 active members
  • owner name: bnogaro
  • wiki name: vvmn

Thank you for considering this request.

You can access your new wiki on

Enjoy !

Thanks a lot!

@tmortagne, I think my account has lost all admin rights when I imported some data from a previous test instance of xwiki. Can you please enable admin rights for my bnogaro account again please? Thanks in advance, and sorry for the disturbance.

The global user you registered cannot really lose any right no matter what you do because it’s the owner of the wiki. Problem is that you imported/created a local user with exactly the same id (and, I assume, the same password, which would explain why you did not notice it was not the same).

I just added the local one to the admin group, should work better now.

You might want to use a different password for both users, just in case. Or you register a different global account and let us know if we should change the wiki author.