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Description: a wiki to demo the use of XWiki as an option for content management, in place of an intranet site and Word documents
Owner: John Osborne
Wiki name:

Note that has some limitations (can’t use any other scripting language than Velocity and limited set of API, can’t install many extensions) for security reasons (it’s a shared instance) that usually does not make it a the best demo platform.

Still OK ?

Note that an alternative is to use the free trial on Try XWiki - XWiki which is more complete but depends how long you want to do your test.

The extension I’d really like to test is workflows: My impression from the online info was that if it doesn’t say it’s for developers that it’ll work. If you could please confirm that this one will work, that’d be great. It looks like try-xwiki is for a “pro” version? I’m interested in the open source version. Is there functionality on try-wiki that wouldn’t be available through the open source community? And what is the length of the test period with try-wiki? I’d like to have it for a month or two.
Thanks, John

It’s important to realize that is not for testing XWiki! It’s a farm for real projects that are non-business oriented (associations and the like). But it’s maintenance work for us developers of the xwiki project (to create the wiki, to remove them after you’ve finished using them, to answer questions, etc) and all this time it taken from the development of XWiki. So we prefer to reserve it for real usage and not for testing.

For testing you should definitely use XWiki Cloud from XWiki SAS.

Now I’ve read the home page of and it’s true that we don’t mention this and we probably should. I’ll work on it in the coming days because it feels like an important difference.

oh yes a lot! Any extension that requires installing a JAR won’t work on Basically any feature that requires Programming Rights (and there are a lot of use cases for this).

We should ask XWiki SAS (Contact us - XWiki) and put the info on

I think you get 10 days by default and you can extend once or twice more automatically. I’ll ask but overall you can probably get 1 month and possibly even more if you can explain why you need more.


OK, thanks Vincent. I saw info that myxwiki was for individuals as well as nonprofits, and intended to use it as a personal test site. To clarify my question about open-source, I meant to ask whether try-wiki has proprietary features. In the long term I might have an on-premises installation, and would want the things I demo on try-wiki to be available for on-premises through open source. Good to know about the 10 days. My reason for 30 days or more is that there are a number of stakeholders for my project, and there could be multiple demos and approval steps. The organization I have in mind is over 30k contributors.
Thanks, John

I’ve now updated the page with

I confirm that you get 10 days that you can extend twice which leads to 30 days.

I’ve checked and there are no non-open source features you’d get that you wouldn’t have on premises through the open source version.