New wiki request:

I’d like to test out Xwiki to evaluate it for use in my work environment.
I can’t install it locally right now, so this is easiest way to check it out.

Thank you!

Note that is quite restricted so generally not the best option to evaluate what XWiki can do.

The fact that you are not granted programming right mean that you are not allowed to install quite a few extensions or use features like groovy/python/etc. scripting or some advanced APIs.

The best for testing need is generally to use an all in one package on your own machine if you can’t put it in a server somewhere or use other hosting providers like Try XWiki - XWiki which provide full access to a dedicated XWiki instance and is free for a limited time.

I realise that, but right now, I just want to test out the more basic functionality for use as an intranet.
Right now, confluence is on the table as well, but I am fond of open source, so I need something to show…

But why don’t you use Try XWiki - XWiki or install XWiki locally to showcase it (it only requires an unzip of a zip and that’s all!)? is not really meant to be a platform for testing XWiki. It’s also meant only for individual and non profit. Are you a non profit? Since you mention Confluence, it’s likely you may not be :wink:


You’re right, I’m not a non-profit, but I am an individual :-).

I took your suggestions to heart and installed it locally on my home computer. That was easier than expected! (I tried a few years ago on my synology nas, but it didn’t support java, so that didn’t work.)

I’ll experiment a little further on my local pc.