No custom create UI in data apps when users create entries

Hi devs,


We have 2 issues that have been raised, related to the fact that apps can create pages that don’t respect the naming strategies defined:


Decide that all recommended apps must follow the best practices that apps which need to create app entries (data apps) with names provided by the user should not provide a custom UI but instead rely on the standard page creation UI. In practice this means offering a Template for the app.


  • More usability by provided a consistent experience (and ensuring that all such apps have a template)
  • Solves the naming strategy validation
  • Also solves other consistency issue (basically all features available in the standard create UI become available to the apps - relates to too).
  • Give more UI space to the app on its home page (since there’s no create UI)


  • No custom UI which in some cases could feel as better for usability (but at the detriment of consistency), so not sure they’re better in the end regarding usability.

Please cast your vote.

Here’s my +1



(slightly offtopic)
Small note that we could extend this strategy to AWM too (see also and have a template for it to. This would be very consistent to me: whenever you wish to create something you click on the Create button. In this case it would be Create > Application.

Now it’s not easy and would mean several things:

  • Extend the scope of the Create UI so that it’s not only about Creating pages. This could mean moving the Create button elsewhere in a more global location (could be good since some users have problems understanding the Create button inside the page).
  • Improve the templating capability so that templates can be multi-steps (right now they’re basic and are single step or even 0-step).

Food for thoughts.
(/slightly offtopic)

Yes having a more generic create button/menu would be a good idea and it would help a lot discoverability (create page, create application, create macro, etc.)