Not sure if I'm supposed to be seeing a blank page with a fresh intstall or...?

I finally got xwiki 12 to seem-to run. What I’m getting is a blank white page though and I don’t understand why or what to do next. I’m new to tomcat (just installed it tonight for the first time) and java applications (never had to deal with one before tonight).

I see this: from like 10 years ago but there is no information other than the op’s original question. I can’t find tomcat logs anywhere (neither /var/log nor /var/lib)… I made a very short video shows more - I don’t know if this is right or if I’m supposed to be getting something else after first install/fresh install.

Can anyone offer some guidance?

By the way… this is the article I went off to do the installation: How to Install XWiki CMS with Tomcat on Ubuntu Linux - Geek Rewind

And I did have to do the part at the very end with configuring the hibernate.cfg.xml

sudo apt-get install libmysql-java
sudo ln -s /usr/share/java/mysql-connector-java.jar /opt/tomcat9/lib
sudo nano /opt/tomcat9/webapps/xwiki/WEB-INF/hibernate.cfg.xml

Then make the hightlighted changes to the file and save…

Highlighted changes shown there.

And this is exactly what I downloaded:

Filename: xwiki-platform-distribution-war-12.10.1.war

I confirm: you shouldn’t get a blank page.

I haven’t checked this web page but it’s clearly not something provided by the XWiki project. I’m curious: why did you use that instead of the official documentation?

The official documentation is at If you follow it, it should work just fine and should be pretty simple to install XWiki.


To be honest I find the xwiki ux and it’s documentation very difficult to use/follow. It frustrates me. I mean no offense - just giving an honest answer. Not looking for any conflict, just want to reach my goal of getting xwiki up and running on my local machine.


Ok, I take that back. I checked that link; and, after the experience I gained from what I did (try) to do so far, I’m actually able to identify which of the several options pertains to the type of install I’m after. Prior to getting my hands dirty with what I did so far I wasn’t able to understand which of the many options I was supposed to be looking at. I think that’s why I went after that other article. At least I didn’t have to try and understand things I knew nothing about (I was just told what to do).

That’s fine, thanks for mentioning it. However it doesn’t help us that much. What would help more is to provide more details about the issues you face with the documentation (specific points), so that we or you (it’s a wiki btw and everyone is welcome to edit and improve the documentation! :)) could fix it. Could you you mention a page and explain specifically the sentences or parts that you don’t understand so that we can find out what’s the problem?