Notification and share with mail issues after 10.11.2 and 10.11.3 upgrade (from 9.11.4)


I have a localhost issue (again) in URL sent in notifications emails since xwiki 10.11.3 version.
Notification mails content is:

XWiki <http://localhost/bin/view/Main/>     Préférences de notifications <http://localhost/bin/view/XWiki/xxxxx?category=notifications>
  Évènements sur le wiki : 

Relaunching schedules tasks (from admin account and URL ) didn’t fix this issue.

By the way I have another issue when I share a page with velocity code in title.
ie if I share by mail Scheduler.WebHomepage (with “$services.localization.render(‘xe.scheduler’)” in title), message content is
Administrateur IWiki souhaite partager avec vous le document $services.localization.render(‘xe.scheduler’) sur

And last point, in my scheduler I have:

  • WatchList daily notifier
  • and Notifications daily email
    I must remove Watchlist tasks because xwiki doesn’t use watchlist anymore?

Pascal B

Is the default domain/alias correct in the descriptor of the wiki?

Ok it was localhost at /bin/edit/XWiki/XWikiServerXwiki page.
I didn’t check this setting.
My tomcat run xwiki on http and apache translate in https.
I set this setting:

but actually I could not test it because I have high CPU issue now because : (javamelody displayed NotificationsDisplayerUIX ajax GET 1 375 875ms and 99% CPU)… try to debug

I fixed it: use ${doc.displayTitle} like jetty package :slight_smile: