Notifications link have wrong port in the URL

Hi All,
I have v10.11.4 installed through docker and working nicely but the links shown in “Notification” (upper right corner tab) have wrong link that look like:

I don’t understand where they come from…

And when doing a grep through the directory where tomcat runs, I see “mail” directory that has a lot of those entries too…
Any hint where this is being setup? It will never work since it tries to run SSL over port 80.


I am talking about those links:

So if you hoover the “Naming Convention” link or “Daniel” link you get the https link with :80 appended.

This is quite old now. Latest is 10.11.8. I don’t know if it’s fixed but it’s worth checking it. You may also want to upgrade to 11.3.x which has a lot of issues fixed related to the notifications feature.

You could also raise a jira on

@gdelhumeau does this issue raise a bell to you?

Looks like (10.11.5).

Wow…I didn’t expect development going so fast!! I see…so I will upgrade then.

When running it on Docker, are there any documentation about the steps to perform when upgrading it? Is it just about pulling the nex image? Should I update the DDBB as well?



Maybe I should reply in another thread because this is about upgrading…let me know if you want to open a new one.

I see upgrade instructions are not clear to me.

It says Thus all you need to do is to execute the installation instructions above as if you were installing a new version but there is no section about “Installation instruction” anywhere, neither “Installation for newer version”.
Then it talks about stopping the running container and start a new container version. So it means that the previous step was with the previous container version, it is confusing.


I’ve edited the text. Is it more clear now?

Much better , thanks a lot!