Notifications macro seems missing in fresh docker install

in a fresh xwiki 13.10.2 installation (docker image with nginx reverse proxy listening on 443 to provide https) NotificationsMacro seems to be missing,

https:///bin/view/XWiki/Notifications/Code/Macro/NotificationsMacro returns “The requested page could not be found” Notice

Computing changes for Notifications Macro Extension shows missing Javascript code, CSS and velocity tags

HTTP requests
return 404
do above URLs look correct?

Whats else can I check to diagnose this problem?

Thanks and BR


well if the computing changes shows modifications on the pages, it means that something performed modifications on the page, after the extension has been installed. So the problem is that someone or something deleted the pages, but it’s not possible that’s coming from the extension itself.
You might be able to check if the page is still in the recycle bin and see who triggered the deletion.
Now to fix it, easiest is just click the “reset” button you have on the compute changes UI to restore the page.

Hi surli,
thanks for your suggestion.
Trying to reset changes resulted in an internal server error (HTTP 500)

Actually we had a permission issue on mysql configuration file and the server was running with latin1 character set, so the database was not utf8.
We reconfigured the database container and started from scratch and now notifications are working fine.

I’m not sure the wrong charset of the database is the root cause of the problem, but maybe the installer should do a preliminary check and stop the setup process if the database is not utf8 compatible (sub wiki creation would not work).