Numbered Content Application 1.4 released

Hi everyone,

Numbered Content Application 1.4 has been released. This is an improvements release, figures containing a single table are now automatically identified and are prefixed with Table Y, where Y is incremented using a counter independent of the one used to number the other figures.


See the Numbered Figures Application for me details.

See also the release notes.

This release also contains a few translations (a big thanks to our translators!).

Enjoy! And as usual please let us know if you find bugs or improvements.

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Hello! This is a very useful extension for XWiki!
But it’s difficult for an ordinary user to activate numbering - there is no “activation from the UI” option.

An excellent solution has been made for the “Numbered Headings Application” activation on the “Page Information” tab, and it is really very convenient!

Is it possible to do the same for this extension? So that the user can activate numbering on the desired page himself, without the request to administrator?

This would be a real great improvement!