Office and OnlyOffice Integration

Hey there,

so i have recently deployed a Testenvironment for our Company since we are going away from confluence. The initial impression seems very promising, however, im running into a few problems:

  1. No Office Export options.
  • I have configured and tested a LibreOffice server and connected it to xwiki. Everything seems to work fine, i can export via WebPageCommands (WebHome?format=doc, etc.). There is, however, no export button available for ODT, DOC, etc. export via the actual export menu.
  1. I know this is maybe the wrong place to ask, but i’ll give it a shot anyway - OnlyOffice Connector.
  • The option of being able to coauthor docs within xwiki seems very appealing, i have set up an OnlyOfficeDocs server (reachable from xWiki server without issues) and configured the Connector extension. Unfortunately, whenever i try to open or edit a document, the extension is stuck in a Loadin loop. Sadly the documentation is more than lackluster and i have no idea where i could find logs or even do a connectivity test on the extension.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Are you sure there’s no ODT button? It should be there as shown on

I’ve tested locally with a recent XWiki version and it was there.

Regarding the other export formats supported by LibreOffice and not listed (like Doc, docx, etc), it’s a current limitation. We have discussed it and we’ll include them in the near future (can’t say in which version yet but most likely some time this year).

For this, you should contact the support from the author of this extension. It’s not a free extension on See the “contact us” button at


Thank you for your reply!

Unfortunately my export menu looks quite different:

Screenshot 2022-07-19 104332

Could it be that you’re using an old XWiki version?

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I’m guessing my issue is going in the other direction, we are using the latest stable and not the LTS, i’m guessing there where some changes made to the export function. Thanks, i didn’t think about that, will try with the LTS Version.

I don’t think so since we haven’t changed the UI in latest and I’ve tested it on 14.6-SNAPSHOT (and updated the screenshots this morning on based on 14.6-SNAPSHOT).

Hmm ok that is strange. I am definitely running the 14.5 build and haven’t modified anything during the installation, only added a select few extensions afterwards. I will reinstall from scratch and report back.

So did a complete reinstall and it seems to be working now. Not sure what caused the missing option, thanks for your help.