Office import creates a lof of new versions in History


the office importer creates a huge amount of new versions in History after import of docx document. When I import 100 pages from Word, I get >1000 revisions of the document. It has serious impact on the XWiki performance.

  1. Is it possible do disable versioning during the office import?

  2. Is there a way, how to delete all these versions at once?

That looks strange indeed. Could you provide more info about what each revision added does (check the diff)?


The office importer generates a new version in the page history for each image found in the imported office document (when the image is attached to the target wiki page). So you shouldn’t have that many versions unless the imported docx has >1000 images, in which case you may have a bigger problem with the number of attachments (the number of versions is not a problem AFAIK).

Yes, the images might be the source of the versions. The document is quite large (more than hundred pages) and it has a lot of images. Is there an option how to disable the version generation during the import? The huge number of versions is a bit odd.

The performance issues are not cause by the number of attachments or version but by misbehavior of Libre Office server. It’s under investigation.