Office Import with checkboxes

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I have imported files form Office 2019 into xwiki. Everything is fine, very brilliant import!

But in a lot of documents there are checkboxes. Is there a way to import this boxes as text?

For example, there are different names who worked on this dokument. in Word there is a X behind every person who worked on it.

I tried a lot of things, but until now I could not finde any solution. Mabye sombeody had similar issues?

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XWiki is using jodconverter behind the hood to perform the office conversions. The first thing to check would be the way the checkbox are currently transformed by jodconverter by default when performing a conversion from office to html. If there’s a specific information in the html for those boxes, then there should be a way for handling them on XWiki side. If there’s not by default, then you should first check on jodconverter side for creating a dedicated filter to retrieve the information you want.


thank you for your reply. This is what I found out: Libreoffice converts with checkboxes (input type=checkbox), importing in XWIKI checkboxes are ignored.

The import itself is without jodconverter?

The import itself is done inside XWiki in this module: xwiki-platform/xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-office/xwiki-platform-office-importer at master · xwiki/xwiki-platform · GitHub
I just had a quick look, I do reproduce your problem and for me it looks like a bug. I’m not sure yet where it happens exactly but it’s probably related to some cleaning operation of the html.

[EDIT: actually I know where the problem is, it’s because we don’t have a representation for the input elements in XWiki syntax, so those elements are just skipped. It means the fix won’t be easy and it’s more or less expected, so maybe more an improvment for the future than a real bug]

Could you create a ticket for this on thanks