Office process died with exit code 81

After a long update absence caused by weird network configurations from our network admins I wanted to update our system. Because we are very far behind I decided after a failed upgrade and successful restoration of our backup that I want to dump the database and start from zero again.

Meanwhile the failed upgrade I recognized two things:

  • two office zombies caused by docker
  • while starting the xwiki docker the following message:
[jodconverter-offprocmng-0] WARN  tartProcessAndConnectRetryable - Office process died with exit code 81; restarting it

I first thought maybe something with our data which we still want to use and sadly the only two entries about this message weren’t really helpfull, because it seems that RAM is the issue:

So I started with a fresh testing instance …and same WARN message for the xwiki docker container.

So the only thing I found was a log message from this forum, probably about another issue but with the same WARN message like I had:

But my docker never continues after the mentioned line.

This is always happening and not a problem AFAIK.