Official Docker image updated

I’m happy to announce that I’ve updated the official XWiki Docker image yesterday with a new feature: The 3 configuration files (xwiki.cfg, and hibernate.cfg.xml) are now exposed on your local host in the mapped permanent directory.

More precisely when you start the XWiki container (the one with the Servlet Container) you pass some -vparameter to map the permanent directory located inside the container into a local directory on your host machine. For example: docker run -... -v /my/xwikipermdir:/usr/local/xwiki. You’ll now see the 3 configuration files directly in /my/xwikipermdir and you can modify them and when the container is restarted, XWiki will use them.

The advantage is that the config is easier to modify but also it survives the container. When you upgrade the XWiki image to a newer, provided you map it to you existing permanent directory, you’ll be able to continue using your configuration.


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