Open pdf attachment will only work on firefox

Hi @all,
when I add an pdf attachment to an page and create an link in the page to it with the target _blank, then the pdf will shown on an other tab under firefox. So far so good and as expected and will. But open the page with the chrome or chromium browser and click on the link, then the pdf will not shown, it will only silent download. As an dirty workaround: When the link to the pdf is build as an path instead of an attachment, then the pdf will open in all browsers.
Sample code:
work’s on all:
[[Foo pdf>>path:/xwiki/wiki/sample/download/sample.pdf||target="_blank"]]
work’s only on firefox:
[[Foo pdf>>attach:sample.pdf||target="_blank"]]
But the path hack is not available for the CKEditor users.

I am using Xwiki 12.10.4

Is there an easy solution for it?