Oracle DB - Minimum user requirements?

Hi there. The install instructions for using an Oracle Database for the backend indicate that the “DBA” Oracle role needs to be granted to the “XWIKI” user. This seems excessive. Does anyone have experience using Oracle for the backend and been able to determine a more restrictive set of privileges?

Hi, could you link precisely to where you saw this requirement? I couldn’t find it on

All I see is:

drop user xwiki cascade;
create user xwiki identified by xwiki;
select * from dba_data_files;
create tablespace xwiki datafile '/home/oracle/app/oracle/oradata/orcl/xwiki01.dbf' size 1m autoextend on maxsize 1g;
alter user xwiki default tablespace xwiki temporary tablespace temp;
alter user xwiki quota unlimited on xwiki;
grant create session to xwiki;
grant create table to xwiki;
grant create sequence to xwiki;

Hi there,
It is on that same page that you’ve provided a link to. Part way down the page just before the “From a VM” heading is the following:

  • Give sufficient privileges to the XWIKI user:

grant connect to xwiki;
grant resource to xwiki;
grant dba to xwiki;

Note the last statement.


I’ve now updated it.

Hi, searching for answers on this topic. Did this question ever get answered? Does the XWIKI user need DBA access? It does not seem it should and our DBAs are concerned about the level of access. Can someone clarify the rights that are actually required? If DBA is that only for initial setup and can rights be dropped after that is complete?

Hi @iburford

No, we don’t really require the DBA privilege. I’ve updated the doc recently to explain the exact privileges required for Oracle, see Oracle Installation (