Overall attachments of page & its child

Hi XWiki users,

Am using XWiki 9.8.1, I can get the overall attachments in a page. I have created an application using (App Within Minutes) Is it possible to get overall attachments of the page & its child?


You mean display all attachments in a table for example?

You’ll probably be interested by http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-14631

ATM what you can do is use the XWiki scripting apis to get all attachments and display them. For example:

#foreach ($attachment in $doc.getAttachmentList())
  * [[$attachment.getFilename()>>attach:$attachment.getFilename()]]

However if you need to do this also for child pages, you’d be better to use SOLR search, see http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Solr%20Search%20Query%20API