Page Creation Rights

Hi All,

Is there currently any way to not allow registered users/groups to create a new page on a wiki, or at a space level?

Example that I was asked about, say a Finance/HR section of the wiki where only certain users can create new pages.

Hi, you just need to remove edit rights. See

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Thanks @vmassol.

I tested with the Edit right set to deny on Page & Children which hide the edit button but still showed the Create button. What I didn’t try was to actually finish trying to create a test page, which failed when I tried the same again and showed and error saying I didn’t have the rights to do that action. Missed it by that much :sweat_smile:.

I read through Access Rights ( a couple times before and after you suggested it but didn’t see anything specifically mentioning creation so I added an extra bullet point under basic rules for it.

I should have tested a bit more thoroughly.

It’s great that the Create action doesn’t work if editing rights are denied, but is there a way to hide the Create button entirely for users who have view rights? I foresee it being misleading both for admin (who want visual confirmation that certain landing pages cannot be edited) and users (who start to create a page, assign a title, and then are told they don’t have the permissions to do so).

Would I need to edit the velocity (suggested in this forum post) and add an $hasEdit condition in order to hide the button?


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