Page export as PDF


by exporting the page in PDF i have errors (see Screen). Before 12.2+2 it was working perfect. All other exports are working.


Hi, please paste the full stack trace (and not a screenshot). We cannot help you otherwise. Thanks

PS: Please also set the right forum category when you post (done for you for this post and previous ones ;)).

Where i find full stack trace? :wink:

full-stack-trace.txt (6.9 KB)

on the screen where you took the screenshot! or in the xwiki logs.

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So the error is:

Caused by: .fop/fop-fonts.cache (Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden)

Maybe you could check permissions to verify that the servlet container user can create this directory and files?

hm but i am a superuser in my wiki and try to export my articles… I changed nothing that can make an errors ( i meannow access rights)

The user in the wiki has nothing to do with the user at the OS level.

So the issue is, see

So i found the error a little bit frustrating, as i already said it was working bevore version 12.2.

I create now the home folder for my application server user ( i have Debian 9 installed for xwiki).
After tomcat8 restart i can now export the pages in PDF. Thanks all for help.

I don’t think this is correct. This issue has been there for at least since XWiki 8.4.5, see You could retry it with 12.2 but I’m pretty sure you’ll experience the exact same problem.

I’ve added workaround explanations at

EDIT: Issue is now fixed see

Would be great if someone could validate that it works (since I cannot reproduce easily).