Page format data representation


Background: we would like to use forms for gathering the data and save this data in a common data format that will be easy to parse and traverse, like JSON or XML, that will be further queried via REST API. So you have a page with a form, you fill in this form and by pushing submit, new page is being created. All of the form fields are stored somehow within a page and all of them are easily accessible – I imagine a REST API query where ie. for XML, the response will look like:

  <dynamic field 1>some value  </dynamic field 1>
  <dynamic field 2>some value 2</dynamic field 2>
  <dynamic field 3>some value 3 </dynamic field 3>

Q: What would be the best way (if possible at all) to achieve such result with XWiki?

Hi @blelump!
May be livetable will work for you? Try it

Regards, Vadim