Pages not created

Hi Everyone. I am struggling to create a new page in a page. The first page is fine, it is the second page that is an issue. I am following the methods as suggested but I am not getting the right results. I even had a look at the source option, here is the string…

[[34.1 Daily Reports>>doc:Daily Reports||rel="__blank" title=“RF Report”]]

Everything looks fine, but it is giving me a question mark at the front end and when I click on it, it gives me the following prompt: “404 - File or directory not found.”

This has been going on for ± 6 weeks.

Any suggestions how I can resolve this?

Hi @Wentzel,

You might be confused between spaces and pages. What you need to do is create a new page and make sure the “Terminal page” option is unticked. Then you shouldn’t have a problem adding the second page inside the first page.

I am following the methods as suggested but I am not getting the right results

Can you give details on which methods you followed?

About this, see which might help.


@ginpachi, thank you.

I am using xwiki 2.1

I am using the following method:

I don’t have a terminal page.

May be try this:

Relative link to page PageB in PageA from the current page. (LINK)


Would really help if you could share a screenshot of the breadcrumb (the bar at top of a page that shows pages hierarchy) and the actual link code you are using in XWiki syntax.

Check this:

There is a page “PageA” inside it and the link for that is [[Link for PageA>>PageA]] which works perfectly fine.

I think the right code for your link would be:

[[34.1 Daily Reports>>Daily Reports||rel="__blank" title=“RF Report”]]

The doc: part is unnecessary in the source you initially shared.

Thank you, I used your code but still no luck. Here is a screen shot.


Sounds odd.
Can you share the URL of the parent page and also the URL of one of the child pages?
That would help in knowing the hierarchy which might be the problem.