Panel (tile) macro for main page navigation


Is anyone aware of a panel or tile navigation macro which can be customized? I’m looking for a generic macro like the one the Help page (and subpages) use. I would like to use this macro on our home page to display the primary applications / content types. So far, I’ve been able to reference the help page macro, but I’d like to be able to do the following:

  1. Customize link labels instead of “examples” and “learn more”
  2. Add an arbitrary number of link labels and descriptions
  3. Customize the default link for the icon and title
  4. Add an option to force all tiles to have the same height
  5. Adjust tile padding
  6. Move macro script code to a more generic page where it will not interfere with the default Help pages.

I’m still trying to learn the administration / scripting side of XWiki, so my initial efforts at doing this have been unsuccessful.

Some ideas:

How would I get the visual styling using the container macro?

Best is to use the Dashboard macro I think and style the gadget with CSS.

But same with the container macro you can still with CSS.

In the past there was but it’s deprecated now (even if it should still work).

So I’ve done some digging and was thrilled to find out that Bootstrap 4.2 has a card component with the exact feature set we’ve been looking for: customizable navigation cards with the ability to have uniform sizes. I was disappointed to learn that this component is NOT included in Bootstrap v3.3 (current version used in Flamingo).

Are there any plans to upgrade Flamingo with Bootstrap v4.2?
Is there a way to integrate v4.2 directly without causing issues with the rest of the theme?


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Not easy topic. See: