Panels Do Not Appear Upon Startup (new user)


I’m very new to XWiki and doing my best to navigate some of the basics before diving into some of the development documentation. I was able to get a Tomcat 8, PostgreSQL setup of XWiki 10.10 started on my Ubuntu laptop (local instance of XWiki. Ubuntu 18.10). I went through the initial start up wizard, I’m able to create users, set permissions, create/edit pages. I downloaded a couple applications. However the panels section appears to be missing. Everything I see online makes it look like panels should appear automatically. I’m a little confused how to address this issue or where to start looking. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Image attached with names redacted.



Check Page Layout at Global Administration: Panels:


The panels section doesn’t even show up under look and feel:


Yes, it should.

Can you explain how you installed XWiki? Maybe when you had the Distribution Wizard, you didn’t pick the Standard Flavor?

It’s as if you don’t have the “Panels UI” extension installed. Can you check if you have it? You need to use the Extension Manager UI for that, see

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My memory says that I installed the Standard Flavor.

Installing the Extension Manager Application certainly helped. I was able to properly install some of the packages/applications I had set up beforehand. As I search in my local extensions I see an extension: " XWiki Platform - Panels - API" but nothing that says Panels UI.

When I search for “UI” the only results that have “UI” in the title are:

  • Core Extensions:
    • XWiki Platform - UI Extension Extension - API
    • jQuery UI
  • Installed Extensions:
    • XWiki Platform - Livetable - UI
    • XWiki Platform - UI Extension - UI
    • XWiki Platform - Sheet - UI

I’m assuming there should be something along the lines of:
XWiki Platform - Panels - UI

but when I search for it online or in this new Extension Manager UI I don’t see anything like that come up. Thank you for the step in the right direction! How do I find a next step to solve this?

Having the same issue here and not sure how to solve it - can’t see a way to install the XWiki Platform - Panels - UI extension.

If you had to install the Extension Manager app then it means you didn’t pick the Standard Flavor and decided to have an empty wiki. Which means you need to install all extensions one by one manually… I highly recommend you either start again the install and pick the Standard Flavor or install the Standard Flavor using the Extension Manager.

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Alright, an update on what I did which seems to have “fixed” the issue, although my XWiki isn’t appearing as slick as I see it on other people’s screen shots. I installed 10.10, just as 10.11 seems to have been coming out, so I needed to update my base XWiki system and all the extensions. I think that might also be where some of my original trouble might have come up as well.

Then in the panels settings I needed to specify the location of the panels, the icon size, and the panel name (none of these were set by default on my system) before they would show up. Furthermore the example uses a semicolon to separate panels but this appears to break the panels pane. I tried a comma and this seems to have the desired effect.

Thanks everyone for your patience! I feel ready to dive into some of the more complicated stuff now!

Oh also, simply installing the “Standard Flavor” from the Extension Manager did bring back the Panels UI package. I’m still fairly certain I installed it the first time around, but again, I suspect I installed things at a particular time between releases that caused some issues.

Maybe you were “unlucky” and when you installed XWiki, the remote extension repository at was down or not responding. But in this case you should have had some errors I think.