Participate to the XWiki User survey 2018!


Hello everyone !

In october 2015, we published an open survey in order to assess the development of the XWiki project from a user point of view.

After this survey, we published and analyzed the results in order to set improvement goals for the coming years. We are now in February 2018, and thus we couldn’t satisfy every request, we managed to fix some of the most common issues at the time. For more information on this topic, you can check out this blog post that summarizes the main improvements achieved since 2015.

This year again, we want to organize another survey, as a user’s need might evolve over the years.

Therefore, you can help us by completing the survey at the following link:

As for the 2015 edition, we plan to make this survey completely anonymous and publish the results on the blog in a maximum of two months.

Thank you for taking the time to help us make XWiki a better product!
The XWiki development team

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More generally all feedback we got so far can be found on



Hi! Following up on the thread, you can check out the results of the 2018 User Survey in this blog post. Thanks to all the community members who filled it in.