Pasted Screenshots have same names

Hi, we’ve just upgraded to 12.6 and now we have the strage issue:
User A is editing a page in chrome and adding some screenshots (made using Greenshot) just by copy-pasting. The attachments are named like image-202008281234-1.png (some timestamp) and saved automatically - everything OK.

User B does the same in firefox. But the attachments are stored as “grafik.png”. So if user B pastes more than one screenshot, every new screenshot is overwriting the old ones because of the same name. After saving, every “image” shows the same content. And the attachment-version counts up.
We don’t have versioned attachments, so we can’t restore this.

I don’t know if this is a xwiki-issue or a firefox one, but maybe you know how to fix this.


BTW you should upgrade to 12.6.1 :wink: See (and the parts in red). List of fixes in 12.6.1:


Sorry - it’s already 12.6.1 (the most recent xwiki-tomcat9-pgsql-Package from today morning).
And yes - Firefox is not tested, but I’m sure a lot of people use it anyway, so i hope that someone can give me a hint where to fix this.

See Loading... .

So I can only fix this by setting Firefox to English?

Fixed by Loading... on XWiki 15.5RC1 and 14.10.12