Pasting Additional Images Overwrites (Chrome)

Using Chrome, if I paste an image using the CKEditor UI, that works great, but if I paste a second one in the same page then it overwrites the previous image I pasted. This was working until Saturday (5/20). Seems that it’s not getting a new file name (attachment name) and just overwriting image.png. If do this same operation in Internet Explorer, I get the expected result.

So does nobody else even see this issue?

I have seen the same issue. Haven’t dug into it too much, but it seems to only happen when you’re copying images that are not remotely accessible.

Not sure what you mean. Why would this only affect Chrome?

I’m not a Dev so I can’t answer that for you.

That’s ok, that question was more for anyone else that might read this (and for myself, thinking out loud). Hard to believe this is a not a bigger issue for more people.

This problem has been reported at

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