PDF Export Application - Change Cover

Hello @all,
now I’m working with xwiki 14.10 and pdf-export application.
I try to change the cover of pdf and follow the description of:
Customize the PDF Cover but without luck.
There is nothing changed in the cover if I export my document to pdf.

The pdf output looks like this:

The samplecode like this:

What I’m doing wrong?
Many thanks for helping and nice weekend

Hi there. You’re using the new PDF export (client-side). The doc at https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Documentation/AdminGuide/Configuration/#HCustomizethePDFCover is for the older PDF export (server side with FOP).

I’ll update the docs.

The doc for the client-side PDF export is at PDF Export Application (XWiki.org)

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Done at https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Documentation/AdminGuide/Configuration/#HCustomizingthePDFexportLook26Feel

I hope it’s more clear. Ideally and if possible, we should the old PDF export to an extension published on extensions.xwiki.org and then the customization documentation for it should be moved there.

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Hallo vmassol,

many thanks for helping, but I still don’t understand how I can change the Cover, for example. In the changes, I can’t find any hints for the new PDF export application.

Many thanks

I think you need to use a PDF Template for the new client-side PDF export

I have changes pdf template before like the description, but the layout is still the same.
Is that possible to get an example?

I’ve added this section in the doc, I hope it helps:



Hello vmassol,

many thanks!!!
I have found out to more things (maybe for the documentation):

  1. The new page must be saved as a template
  2. The location for the new template must be in the following directory: XWiki.PDFExport otherwise it cannot be selected.


Many many thanks to you!
Wish you a nice week!

What do you mean by “saved as a template”? You just need to create the custom PDF template page as indicated on PDF Export Application (XWiki.org) and then register the template in the PDF Export administration section PDF Export Application (XWiki.org) .

No, that’s definitely not a requirement. You should be able to create the custom PDF template in whatever location you want / have access to. We have automated tests that use a custom PDF template created outside XWiki.PDFExport. See xwiki-platform/PDFExportIT.java at xwiki-platform-14.10 · xwiki/xwiki-platform · GitHub .


Hello Marius,

I mean by “save as template” that the new page had to be saved as a template under Content / Page Templates.
As it was described here: Create template

And that had to be created in the XWiki.PDFExport directory, because that was the only way I could access the new template under Content / PDF Export.

I could not find another solution.

Many thank

No, there’s no reason to do this. The documentation you linked shows how to create a template provider that publishes a specific wiki page as a template to choose from when creating a new page (not when exporting to PDF). This has nothing to do with the PDF export.

Again, if you want to create and use a custom PDF template (which is not the same as a page template) then you only need to:

  1. create a new page and select the “PDF Template” as page type (from the right), as per documentation PDF Export Application (XWiki.org)
  2. add the created page (your custom PDF template) to the list of known PDF templates in the PDF Export administration section, see PDF Export Application (XWiki.org)
  3. When exporting a wiki page to PDF, select your custom PDF template from the Template dropdown on the PDF Export Options modal