Pdf export hyphenation

i am using XWiki Debian 10.11.1. I am able to use the pdf exporter to export my sites as pdfs and style them via a custom css file called pdf.css. Unfortunately, very long strings are not proper hyphenated. This behaviour occurs in tables as well as in the code marco.
The common css rules for forcing hyphenation are not working or supported, as this site indicates: https://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/compliance.html
Is there a smooth way to force hyphenation in tables when using the pdf export feature?
Also, do i have to modify or even write my own pygments-style to force word wrapping in the code marco?

Right now, i am using a work around like this:

{{html clean="true,false"}}<div>VeryLongWord&#8203;VeryLongWordPart2<div>{{/html}}

which insert an invisible unicode symbol in the specific word. This way the word stays untouched in the original wiki site but will be wrapped in the exported pdf-file.

I’m eager to receive your feedback.