Performance - Pages vs Objects

Hi, I am currently developing an intranet wiki which will be serving a small (max 10 users) company. Currently we look after about 1000 devices, each with its own password, IP address etc. I was thinking about using XWiki Objects to store the info (we could do with 2-3 classes), but I guess that would mean giving up tags, backlinking, history and perhaps some other useful features. I am leaning towards creating a page for each object to combine the benefits of pages and objects. The question is: wouldn’t that diminish the performance? Perhaps I should take some other approach or even choose some other software?

papvernik, What you describe is a typical XWiki use case, usually addressed by having one page per object indeed (or one page for a few objects of different classes). 1000 pages can easily be handled by XWiki on a modern server (eg 1GB RAM). In case you run into performance issue, it should not be related to this architectural choice specifically. Let us know how it goes,